Terrance “2K” Ferguson Arrives In Australia, Impresses At 1st Practice

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Terrance Ferguson Jerome Randle

It’s been a pleasure watching Terrance “2K” Ferguson rise throughout his high school career. When I say rise, i’m talking about his ranking among the best of the best, his jaw-dropping dunks over defenders and even his hair. And now we have the pleasure of watching the recent new addition to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Sports, with a new cut, start a new chapter in his basketball journey in Australia.

The 18-year old former Ballislife All-American arrived in the down under last week to a group of of flag-waving fans, local press and members of his new team, the Adelaide 36ers, at the airport. After signing autographs and meeting with media after the longest flight he’s ever been on, Ferguson requested to go to straight to the team’s arena so he could put up some shots.

“I think it’s going to be an exciting year and I think he is going to take Australia by storm,” said 36er teammate Jerome Randle. “I’m sure he has the ability to go out there and score the basketball and be who Terrance Ferguson really is.”

Who he is off the court is a funny, skinny, friendly kid with lots of energy. Who he is on the court is a deadly, skinny sharpshooter with nasty hops and lots of energy. And all of that was on full display after the team’s first practice and all of that will soon be on display in NBL games and eventually NBA ones.


“I’ve been going up against men my whole life.  It’s not a challenge to me. I don’t care about them. I’m going to play my game.”

“There’s not that many that do it (turn professional straight away), to be a first is exciting and I’m going to make the best out of it.”

“I’m an exciting player, I shoot the ball, I like to dunk, I like to get the fans into the game and I like to have fun so I’m going to have a great season, it’ll be fun.”

“Coach (Joey) Wright told me straight up, we play a fast paced game which I love, and he said if you can go by your player and all that just do it, just have fun.”