Terrance “2K” Ferguson Takes Flight In Australian Dunk Contest

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Terrance Ferguson Andre Iguodala

I’m glad I didn’t find a line on the recent dunk contest in Australia’s basketball league. If so, I would have bet the house, wife and kids on 2016 Ballislife All-American dunk contest winner Terrance “2K” Ferguson. The new Under Armour endorser and member of the Adelaide 36ers didn’t win this past weekend’s event, but, he’s still my pick to win a NBA dunk contest – the 2018 one.

The contest was mainly between Ferguson and Akil Mitchell of the New Zealand Breakers. In the finals, Akil pulled off Andre Iguodalas’s underrated behind-the-backboard reverse dunk for a perfect score.  All Ferguson had to do was make a dunk (because all his made dunks are perfect scores) then they could have went to another session and that’s when Ferguson was supposed to pull out the 5-point play dunk.

Maybe not. That’s a tough one (nearly impossible) to pull off in a dunk contest but just about any other dunk from the following video would have been enough to win the championship. I would bet on it!

Oh well, shout out to Akil Mitchell on the win and Michael Bryson (Kings), Jaron Johnson (Wildcats) and Mitch McCarron (Taipans) for making the NBL dunk contest a lot more exciting than I was expecting.