Terrence Jones behind the back move on Michael-Carter Williams

Future rookie of the year Michael Carter-Williams had a night to forget last night vs the Rockets.  On the night his team lost their 26th straight game, tying them for worst ever, he only made 2 of 11 shots and on on defense, he got crossed up by a 6’8 forward (with serious handles).

Surprisingly, the young point guard seemed pretty positive after the game.

“During the game a couple of guys had long faces … and I found myself a little bit down,” said Carter-Williams, who had 10 assists. “I just don’t want anyone in this locker room feeling bad for themselves … I think that’s really important that we don’t get down on ourselves and we just give up just because we have a certain amount of losses.

“I just felt like I needed to speak my piece and make sure that guys are upbeat every single day.”


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