Terrence Ross, Glenn Robinson & Udonis Haslem Put On A Dunk Show During Wade China Tour…Maybe Not UD

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Dwyane Wade is currently promoting his Li-Ning kicks in China and he brought former dunk champs Terrence Ross and Glenn Robinson III, as well as former teammate Udonis Haslem, along for the ride so they could put on a dunk show for fans and attendees of the Wade China Tour. Obviously I’m kidding about UD, I think he’s just there to intimidate people or maybe he just wanted a vacation as his agent figures out if UD should stay in South Beach or take his toughness to Cleveland to reunite with LeBron. Or, maybe he’s there to help convince Wade to come back to South Beach if he’s bought out. Wade’s son and nephew have reportedly just enrolled in a South Florida school so don’t be surprised if the return to Wade County happens.