Terrence Ross ties franchise high of 51 points with 10 3-pointers and a couple nasty dunks

After KD’s recent tear, Carmelo’s career-high 62 and Chandler Parson’s 10 3-pointers last night, you were probably expecting a 50+ night from a superstar like LeBron James tonight or tomorrow. What you weren’t expecting was a career night and answer from a player like slam dunk champion Terrence Ross.

Ross scored a career-high 51, almost doubling his season high of 26, against the Clippers on Saturday night, which tied the franchise-high set by Vince Carter back in his slam dunk champion season of 2000. No surprise on Saturday in the Raptors 126-118 loss was Ross showing off his championship hops and throwing down dunks off lobs against Lob City that had dunk fans wanting to see more from him at All-Star weekend.


When Ross was asked earlier this month about doing the dunk contest, he sounded a little unsure about defending his title but mentioned he would be interested in another All-Star event.

“I know , but at the same time it’s gonna be a lot on my legs. I was thinking about trying to do the 3-point contest but I don’t know how that goes. Who knows?

After his last game, he might get that invite to be in the 3-point contest along with the dunk contest. Ross connected on 10 3-pointers, including seven in the first half!

How’s that for an audition and a reminder in the same night?

Back to the dunk contest, Ross also told Mike Ganter of the Toronto Sun a few good (surprising) candidates for competition if he defended his title.

“In my opinion, if (Tony Mitchell) gets in it he’ll be in the position I was in last year,” Ross said. “Nobody kind of knows he can dunk, I mean they know he can dunk, but they don’t know what he can do. I know he’s a freak athlete from what I’ve heard.”

Ross also said the Pistons’ Andre Drummond and rookie Victor Oladipo would be good candidates. No disrespect to those guys but if Ross returns to the event I have my money on him to be money like he was on Saturday night.






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