#LetRossDunk – Terrence Ross with the sick reverse putback dunk | Ross’ Best Career Dunks

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I expect to see 1 specific Toronto Raptor during All-Star weekend in Houston next month.  That Raptor is Terrence Ross and the reason being is he has to be in the NBA dunk contest.

Call it an apology from the NBA for not allowing high flyers like Westbrook and Terrence Williams to participate when they are asking to get into the disappointing event that sends public invites to great players but not great show dunkers like Kevin Durant.  Call it redemption so Ross can get the high scores that DeMar DeRozan deserved when he was cheated during his showings at the contest.  Call it a homage when Ross continues to remind Raptor fans of the days of Vinsanity by winning the contest that Vince Carter did over a decade ago.

If you follow Ballislife then you know what Ross is capable of doing and if you need more proof, then check out the insanely timed reverse putback dunk from last night that will have you doing the Cosby pudding dance.

A couple of years ago we started the campaign and website LetDemarDunk.com.  I think it’s time for #LetRossDunk!

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