Terrence Williams scores franchise record 50 points in the D-League

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With All-Star weekend around the corner and the NBA scrambling to get agreements from stars to participate in the slam dunk contest, I can’t help but shake my head that the NBA never gave Terrence Williams the call when he was in the NBA.  T-Will was not only one of the league’s best dunkers but he was asking to be in the contest that everybody was  rejecting.

The call never came and in 2012 he took his talents to China for a year.  Returned to the NBA in 2003 for a short stint with the Celtics and then flew overseas again for a very brief two game stint in Turkey.

Williams is back again but this time he’s playing in the D-League and last Friday night, he scored a franchise record 50 points for the LA D-Fenders in a 135-127 win.  He made 18 of 37 fields goals and was 6 of 13 from 3.

“(My teammates) told me I needed four points, and I was like for what? They were like for 50, so I was like oh well damn I need to get those four points. But at that point the game was close, so it’s good to score 50, and to get the win.” Williams on the franchise record.

I would love to see him back in the NBA, especially if it  meant a dunk contest invite, but he does have an uphill battle to face and it’s not because of questions about his skills but his attitude.  T-Will is still trying to shake a bad rep that started with his issues with Coach Avery Johnson who actually sent Williams to the D-League back in 2010 as “punishment.”  Will responded by averaging a triple double with a 28 point scoring average in 3 games.

That was enough to get him back in the league back then.  I’m not sure if 50 is enough now but I’m hoping it is.

“I came down here to have an open mind and a good attitude while playing basketball. I’ve changed everything. I changed how I go about talking with my teammates, talking with coaches, trainers, ball boys, ball girls, people who get me water, just everything you know. I realized that I’m very fortunate to be playing this game.”

“Hopefully I get another chance and I stick with it. At the end of the day, I want to play basketball and keep my mouth shut.” said a wiser and more humble Terrence Williams.

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Source: D-League Digest

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