Terry Rozier Throws Ball At Richard Jefferson After RJ’s Disrespectful Dunk

Boston Celtics’ point guard Terry Rozier had a pretty forgettable 10 minutes of playing time in Wednesday’s win against the Cleveland Cavs. He missed all five of his shots and was hit with a tech for hitting Richard Jefferson with the ball after the 36-year old RJ threw down a dunk and then tried to do his best Shawn Kemp pony ride celebration on the head of Rozier, who was just seven years old when RJ first started dunking on NBA players.

Rozier deserved his tech but I’m surprised the refs didn’t give one to RJ too because he’s usually the one getting hit with techs and/or cheated by refs when he dunks. Earlier this season, RJ was given a tech for winking at Kevin Durant after dunking on him.

Then we have his soul-taking dunk over MKG in 2015. The refs called it an offensive foul while I called it the best dunk of the year.

But if you think what RJ did to MKG or Rozier was disrespectful, it’s nothing compared to what he did to teammate Kay Felder a few weeks ago.