That thumbnail tho…Damian Lillard’s dunk doesn’t deserve a thumbnail on YouTube

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Damian Lillard

(update: The NBA YouTube page has changed the thumbnail to an actual pic of Lillard)

YouTube comments can really be harsh and besides the Youtubers that have been accusing the NBA of “hiding” highlights of the Heat loss last night, they had fun picking on this video of Damian Lillard dunking against the Spurs. Some laughed at the commentary because the NBA Dunk “Contest” was referenced. Others commented on the Blazers losing but most joked about the thumbnail the NBA used – the final image of each video promoting other videos and subscribing to the channel.

Damian Lillard Parts the Spurs for the One Handed Smash   YouTube

Here’s the nicer update

Portland Trail Blazers vs. San Antonio Spurs   Photos   March 12  2014   ESPN2

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