The #1 pick (Kmart) & ROY (Mike Miller) of the 2000 NBA Draft turned back the hands of time last night

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The 2000 NBA draft produced a lot of busts.  Once you get past #1 pick Kenyon Martin you have Stromile Swift, Darius Miles, Marcus Fizer, Mike Miller, DeMarr Johnson, Chris Mihm and Jamal Crawford.  KMart had a lot of great years, Rookie of the year Mike Miller had a few good ones and picked up a championship ring last year and Jamal Crawford seems to be getting more popular each season as he continues to rack up 4 point players and break ankles in the league.

Last night, the 2000 NBA draft’s #1 pick and rookie of the year represented well by turning back the hands of time with a couple of dunks.  Kenyon Martin dunked on his ex teammate the Birdman with the type of aggressiveness that brought me back to the days of watching Kmart with the Nets throwing down on any and everybody.

Mike Miller and his bad back made LeBron and Wade jump off the bench with his rebound dunk.  It wasn’t that spectacular but it was pretty surprising.

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