The 10 Most Overpaid NBA Players 2012 – Kobe #2?

CNBC just ran a very interesting article about a top 10 list that included Dirk, Deron Williams & Kobe Bryant.  Nope it’s not a MVP list but a list of the most overpaid players in the league.  I’m sure half of you are trying to figure out how can your beloved Kobe be ahead of guys like Tyrus Thomas and Mehmet Okur but they came up with an interesting formula based off of salary & value of wins.

Check it out.

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10. Tyrus Thomas

Overpaid by: $12,459,225
Salary: $7,305,785
Value of Wins: -$5,153,440

Team: Charlotte Bobcats
Minutes Played: 1,013
Wins Produced: -2.65

Tyrus Thomas was a hot commodity when he re-signed with the Charlotte Bobcats in 2010. “Re-signing Tyrus was one of our top offseason priorities,” General Manager Rod Higgins said. So did the team get their money’s worth out of the deal?

Not according to Berri. “His effective field goal percentage was below 40% and he was below average on the boards,” he told “So although Thomas didn’t get paid as much as many players on this list, his productivity was so low he cost the Bobcats a large sum of money.”

9. Deron Williams

Overpaid by: $12,784,867
Salary: $16,647,180
Value of Wins: $3,862,313

Team: New Jersey Nets
Minutes Played: 1,995
Wins Produced: 1.98

Deron Williams was traded to the New Jersey Nets in 2011 after six seasons with the Utah Jazz. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, he was unhappy with the way the trade was handled – he learned about it while watching ESPN.

According to Berri, Williams’ level of play declined with his new team. “His shooting efficiency has dropped,” he said. “This could be because he doesn’t believe his teammates are a better option. … Whatever the reason, Williams has not been productive in New Jersey.”

8. Dirk Nowitzki

Overpaid by: $12,851,295
Salary: $17,278,618
Value of Wins: $4,427,323

Team: Dallas Mavericks
Minutes Played: 2,079
Wins Produced: 2.27

Dirk Nowitzki has been on the roster of the Dallas Mavericks since 1998, and Berri describes his performance during most of those years as “above average.” Today, however, he characterizes the 33-year-old German as overpaid.

“He doesn’t rebound, block shots, or get steals,” he said. “Consequently, his productivity is no longer consistent with this pay or reputation. … Once you look past his scoring totals (totals driven by above average shot attempts), Nowitzki is no longer a top NBA player.”

7. Corey Maggette

Overpaid by: $12,862,248
Salary: $10,262,069
Value of Wins: -$2,600,179

Team: Charlotte Bobcats
Minutes Played: 881
Wins Produced: -1.34

Corey Maggette,32, has been in the NBA since 1999 and has played for the Orlando Magic, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Golden State Warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks. He has been a member of the Charlotte Bobcats since 2011.

Berri describes Maggette as “old” and characterizes his performance as not particularly productive, leading to his inclusion on this list.

6. Mehmet Okur

Overpaid by: $12,988,657
Salary: $10,890,000
Value of Wins: -$2,098,657

Team: New Jersey Nets
Minutes Played: 453
Wins Produced: -1.08

Mehmet Okur, 33, is a native of Turkey and joined the New Jersey Nets in 2011. Berri puts him in the same column as Maggette with regard to his performance and worth to his team.

“Mehmet Okur and Corey Maggette are both old,” Berri told “And neither played many minutes. Plus they weren’t that productive when they did play. So it is not surprising to see both on this list.”

5. Chris Kaman

Overpaid by: $14,613,480
Salary: $12,200,000
Value of Wins: -$2,413,480

Team: New Orleans Hornets
Minutes Played: 1,372
Wins Produced: -1.24

Chris Kaman played with the Los Angeles Clippers from 2003 until 2011, when he was traded to New Orleans. He proved an asset immediately, recording 10 points and 5 rebounds in his first game. Still, Berri says that the player is overpaid.

“The numbers tell us that Kaman probably isn’t going to be the answer to anyone’s prayers,” Berri said. “Although he is capable of launching shots at the basket, he isn’t very good at getting the shots to go in. Plus he isn’t a great rebounder. And that means he is very much overpaid.”

4. Amar’e Stoudemire

Overpaid by: $14,918,309
Salary: $18,217,705
Value of Wins: $3,299,396

Team: New York Knicks
Minutes Played: 1,543
Wins Produced: 1.7

Amar’e Stoudemire’s professional career began in 2002 with the Phoenix Suns. During his eight years with the team, he suffered from a knee injury and a detached retina, then after joining the Knicks in 2010, he suffered injuries to his back and his hand.

According to Berri, all that damage adds up, and it’s had a negative impact on Stoudemire’s performance. “His shooting efficiency has declined,” he said “He also is below average on the boards. He still gets paid like a star, though.”

3. Antawn Jamison

Overpaid by: $17,402,350
Salary: $15,076,715
Value of Wins: -$2,325,635

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Minutes Played: 2,151
Wins Produced: -1.19

Antawn Jamison has been in the NBA since 1998. According to Berri, Jamison’s long career is exactly the problem. At 35, Jamison relatively advanced age makes him a liability to the team’s bottom line, Berri said.

“Players in the NBA tend to peak around 25 years of age,” he said. “Once upon a time Jamison could be close to an average NBA player. But at 35, his inability to score efficiently and rebound results in a level of productivity that is in the negative range.”

2. Kobe Bryant

Overpaid by: $19,693,258
Salary: $25,244,493
Value of Wins: $5,551,235

Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Minutes Played: 2,232
Wins Produced: 2.85

Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend, and as such many people may bristle at his inclusion on this list. However, Berri contends that the player’s sterling reputation is something of a mirage. “The media says Kobe was one of the best players in the game in 2011-12,” he said “But the numbers tell a different story.”

According to Berri, Bryant’s scoring simply comes down to the fact that he takes a lot of shots. “But in contrast to past years, Kobe’s shooting efficiency was below average for a shooting guard, and inefficient shooting doesn’t produce wins,” he said. “However, if you take enough shots you can still score enough points to convince fans – and the media – that you are actually helping a team win.”

But doesn’t Bryant’s star power attract enough fans to help the team’s bottom line? No, according to Berri. “The study of gate revenue reveals that it is wins that drive revenue. Star power is far less important.”

1. Rashard Lewis

Overpaid by: $21,167,231
Salary: $21,136,630
Value of Wins: -$30,601

Team: Washington Wizards
Minutes Played: 729
Wins Produced: -0.02

According to the “Wins Produced” algorithm, Rashard Lewis is the most overpaid player in the NBA. “Once upon a time he was a player who took an above average number of shots and had an above average level of shooting efficiency,” Berri said.

Still, Berri points out that “he never did much beyond scoring,” and now that’s a thing of the past. “His efficiency is also below average,” Berri said. “Consequently, he didn’t produce any wins for the Washington Wizards this past year while collecting more than $20 million.”



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