The Air Jordan IV’s Get the “Chi-Raq” Treatment


Spike Lee’s movie “Chi-Raq” has so far received mixed reviews.  Many people have had their thoughts on the movie especially Chance the Rapper, who is born and bred straight out of Chicago.  In my opinion, Spike Lee already f*cked up the saga Oldboy so I’m already not a fan of his work.  Although Van Monroe though… this dudes talented…

Van Monroe has previously worked on some J’s for Spike Lee which Spike wore during All Star Weekend.  Most recently Van has picked up a pair of Oreo IV’s and made it his own.  It looks like Monroe used the movie poster as his main source of inspiration taking up the same colors red, green, black and hints of gold.  Check the images below and let us know what you think of the customs.

chiraq chiraq chiraq chiraq

Source: @vanmonroe