The Art Of Flopping By James Harden

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Without the help of refs, James Harden is one of the toughest defensive assignments in the league (history). With refs on the floor, he's unguardable. Not only has he mastered the art of getting away with illegal moves, he's mastered the art of selling fouls and getting to the line; Over the last 6 seasons, he has attempted over 1,200 more free throws than any other player. Since he shoots over 85% from the line, that's a very good thing for the Rockets.

During Game 2 against the Warriors, he showed off his sales skills by stumbling out of bounds and knocking down a ref after a "shove" in the back by Kevin Durant. Harden stumbled as if he was just pushed by JR Smith. His former OKC teammate wasn't too happy about the call, let the ref know about it and was hit with a tech.

In honor of the future MVP's gift for fooling refs, here's a video compilation of his best flops of the season and an interesting video of Jalen Rose and Dion Waiters discussing Harden slapping the phone of a heckler, calling Harden "the worst flopper in the NBA" during Game 2 of the Jazz series. And after those videos, is a hilarious compilation of tweets showing photos of Harden screaming from light contact.