The Art Of Passing By New Clipper Milos Teodosic aka The Serbian White Chocolate

Lob city is back in Los Angeles!

The Clippers have reportedly signed Milos Teodosic aka "Serbia's White Chocolate" to a two-year deal, which will reunite him with Olympiacos teammate Patrick Beverley and make DeAndre Jordan one happy All-Star.

Some of Milos' accomplishments include a EuroLeague MVP and FIBA Europe Player of the Year award in 2010 and a EuroLeague Championship in 2016, but the only reason we really give a damn about this pick-up is because we can't wait to see a no-look Milos assist in person and to see the play end with a thunderous dunk by a DeAndre Jordan instead of a Bogdan Bodanovic.

So in honor of the Clippers making the value of their tickets go up a little after trading away CP3 and Jamal Crawford, here's a preview of what you will be seeing La La Land followed by a spazzing Steve Ballmer.