The Ball Family Watches The Draft Lottery Live, LaVar Says Fultz Not Ready For LA

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Lonzo Ball Markelle Fultz

LaVar Ball has been saying (screaming) for months that his son, Lonzo, will be a future player for the Los Angeles Lakers. On Tuesday, LaVaradamus’ prediction moved one step closer to reality as the Lakers not only kept their top three pick in the draft, they ended up with the #2 pick.

“I told him he was going to the Lakers,” said a celebrating LaVar after watching the NBA Draft Lottery. “I’m speaking it to existence. Boston is going to take Markelle Fultz, he’s a good player. I think he fits best with Boston. You can’t bring him to LA, he ain’t ready for this. Only one person ready for this. It’s that Ball boy!”

Mark my words, that quote is going to be circling the internet after I release this post.

“I must be a genius to paint it this way.” Added the Big Baller Brand CEO. “His number has always been number two and guess where he going, number two. TO THE LAKERS BABY! HERE WE COME!”

Like the NBA Draft Lottery, Lonzo skipped the combine and reports are LaVar will only let Lonzo work out with the Lakers.