The Best Moments From ‘The Dunk King’ EP3: The Most Unique Dunk Ever?

Almost exactly 4 years ago, Young Hollywood pulled off a dunk nobody has ever done before. The 5’11 dunker called it the “Armageddon.”  It involved doing a between the legs dunks over 1 person, while using the other arm to grab the ball from a guy on a ladder and dunking it. A lot of people assumed it took multiple tries and would never be executed in a live event.  Well, if you watched the latest episode of The Dunk King, you saw Hollywood pull off the dunk and heard Kenny Smith call it “the most unique dunk I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Other impressive dunks from the event included Guy Dupuy with a between the legs over a couple of bikes, Jordan Southerland jumping over a car and Jordan Kilganon doing his trademark Scorpion dunk. If you were wondering why the judges were acting like they never saw the dunk, when Jordan pulled it off at All-Star weekend, it’s because this was filmed months before the All-Star game.