The "BEST" Of 6ix9ine Playing Basketball

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Victor Oladipo

Another shooting involving Tekashi 6ix9ine?

Never mind, I heard headlines about "shootouts" and the rapper's name and thought he was either taking shots at another rapper or linked to another shooting.

What people were really talking about was the rapper having a shootout with part-time singer Victor Oladipo and somehow making shots with a shooting form that would make Lonzo Ball leave his hand up and say "so pretty" like Wesley Snipes in White Men Can't Jump.

Speaking of jumping, this is him almost getting posterized by the guy who put on a Black Panther mask in this year's NBA Dunk Contest.

(UPDATE: 6ix9ine took down the following video which was posted on his IG. Here's a copy with his original caption.)

This isn't the first time we shook our heads at the sight of 6ix9ine shooting hoops. Back in February, he posted a video of him beating Tory Lanez one-on-one (supposedly for $20,000) with this caption:

“Played a random fan yesterday it was cool. We took the W that’s all that matters. My team played aggressive we knew we were playing a good team. It’s not about me we all had a role and we stuck to it. We’re just going to try and get better as a team that’s all we can do. I love how the ball movement went today it was smove if we can continue to move like that I can see us doing really good. Just maintain to be focus and get ready to be on the road for our next game. Thank you everyone see u next game.”

If you care to watch more footage of 6ix9ine and his funky shooting form, I gathered a few more clips for you.

If you would rather hear Victor Oladipo show off his musical talents, scroll below the video called "6ix9ine Plays Basketball Like A Retard."