The Best of Derrick Rose From The 2017 Preseason

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Derrick Rose

A year ago around this time we were still roasting Derrick Rose for believing he was on a “Super Team” in New York. One year and disastrous season with the Knicks later, the still in his 20s (29) point guard is garnering some rave reviews from fans and (super)teammates in Cleveland.

“I called my brother after I saw Rose. I said, ‘This boy is BBQ chicken every day!'” Said Channing Frye on his ‘Road Trippin’ podcast with now former teammate Richard Jefferson. “I have never seen a man so violently go to the rack like he does, and then loop-the-loop and all of a sudden the ball floats up and just goes in every single time. And then his ability to pass is crazy. Crazy. It’s so much better than I thought it was.”

With Isaiah Thomas on the bench for the first half of the season and Deron Williams being Deron Williams, the former MVP will have plenty of chances to show off his “crazy” abilities and make the departure of the city’s favorite Uncle hurt a little less.

Playing an average of 16.3 minutes over four games, Rose averaged 11 points on 62.5% shooting to go with 2.3 rebounds and 3.5 assists, while turning the ball over less than once a game.