The Charlotte Hornets Cheerleaders Flashmob performance excited a bunch of men

2014 – The Charlotte Hornets are doing everything right this summer.  They sent Michael Jordan to an elementary school so he could be mobbed by grown women that had a crush on him in the 90s and kids that only know the shoes and not the man, and now they are exciting a bunch of grown men by sending the Honey Bees around town to perform in tight jeans and tanktops.

For the too serious Hornet fan that only cares about the team and what they do on the court, then you should be happy with the new jerseys, new court and drafting of Indiana’s Noah Vonleh and making  a trade to get P.J. Hairston.  PJ is the 1st player to be drafted out of the D-League in the first round of a NBA draft.

That’s cool, but for guys like me that aren’t big fans of the Hornets (post LJ/Zo/Mugsy), I just want to see more of MJ in his awful torn jeans and the Honey Bees in their nice fitting jeans.




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