The Coach Who Tore His Achilles Celebrating, Fell Out of His Chair When His Son Hit A Game Winner To Upset Baylor

I’m not sure if Georgia State coach Ron Hunter is going to survive March Madness.  Earlier in the week, when his team won the Sun Belt Conference tournament and clinched a berth in the NCAA tournament for the first time in 14 years, Hunter tore his Achilles while celebrating!

Hunter had to coach from a chair during yesterday’s game against favored Baylor but still managed to find a way to almost injure himself worse. His son, R.J Hunter, scored 12 points in the final 3 minutes and hit a deep game-winning 3-pointer to upset #3 Baylor and cause his dad/coach to fall out of his chair.

“I can’t feel anything,” said Coach Hunter after the game. “This is surreal. This is unbelievable. I know when I get to bed tonight, everything is going to hurt. But this is unbelievable.”

But he did feel something and that was pride as a Dad.

“It was a great game, but I’m not going to coach, I’m going to be Dad right now,” said Hunter, who fell off his se “This is my son. Proud of him. … I haven’t been able to do that for three years.”

R.J being the good kid that he is said “we gotta get back for my Dad’s chair!”

As for me, I need a tissue.