The Day Michael Jordan Wore #12

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Michael Jordan


Exactly 27 years ago today, Michael Jordan donned the jersey with the numerals #12. Some people to this day don’t know why he wore 12 instead of his iconic 23. Well, here’s a fun fact for the day.

Prior to the Bulls’ matchup against the Magic back in 1990, MJ’s jersey was believed to be stolen from the visitor’s locker room. And has never been recovered. Luckily the Bulls’ equipment team had always carried a ‘just-in-case’ kit which carried the #12 uniform with no name on the back. Seems like the equipment team never thought they’d see the day where it’d be used, but fortunately the day had come.


Even before the game, staff members were searching the crowd for a replica uniform with the number 23 that would fit MJ’s 6’6 frame. To no avail, the team had decided to go ahead and just use the #12 uniform for one night and night only.

MJ ended up dropping 49 points but came up short in an overtime loss to the Magic.

Mitchell & Ness is honoring the rare night that MJ donned #12 by releasing an authentic uniform in honor of an unforgettable moment in basketball history. You can cop your threads here.

And check the videos below of MJ’s 49 point effort as #12 for one night & one night only.