The Day Tony Dumas Failed To Make 1 Dunk In the 1995 NBA Dunk Contest

When people talk about the worst dunks and dunk performances ever in the NBA dunk contest, for some reason, Tony Dumas never gets mentioned.  So how bad was he in the 1995 dunk contest? So bad that he failed to make a single dunk! The last time that happened in the contest was five years earlier when Chris Jackson was in the contest (I have no idea why, considering he never had a dunk in the NBA).

In Dumas’ defense (no pun intended), he did have bunnies, was nice in the NCAA dunk contest and had some nice dunks during his fun times in Dallas, where he was a fan favorite. And if you were a fan during the days of the Three Js in Dallas, then you probably remember Dumas and Popeye Jones doing their best Siskel and Ebert impersonations.

Back to the very forgettable 1995 dunk contest, you would have thought a dunk off between former dunk champs JR Rider and Harold Miner would have been epic but it wasn’t and not just because of the silly format and less than enthusiastic performances by Tim Perry, Antonio Harvey and Jamie Watson.