The Ghetto Games Is Still The Most Insane Dunk Contest In The World

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Anthony Webb Blake Griffin

The Ghetto Games Kings of Air Dunk Contest went down yesterday and although I was hoping to see the masked pit bulls, low riders, Roy Jones, Superman and the dunkers getting lap dances (seriously) like last year, I can’t say I was disappointed. The Latvia hosted event remains the most entertaining dunk contest in the world and here’s a few reasons why!

The Hosts Coming Out on Horses



The Dunkers Coming Out on Custom Bikes

This was a little more PETA friendly than the Bane looking Pit bulls.


A Slap the Backboard Competition

Remember when Dwight Howard slapped a sticker of his face on the backboard during his first NBA dunk contest.  Most of these guys are 4-6 inches shorter than Dwight and jumped as high or higher than Howard.


An Appearance By The Lords of Gravity


5’5 Porter Maberry Doing a Tribute to 5’7 Spud Webb

But this is a dunk Spud could only dream about pulling off.

5’5 Porter Maberry Jumping Over 2 People!


Dunks You Have Never Seen In a NBA Dunk Contest (Jus Fly Under Both Legs)


White Guys Named Jordan Dunking Better Than Michael Jordan


Multiple High Flying White Guys


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A Dunk Over a Motorcycle



A Crazier Reverse Dunk Over a Car

If only Blake Griffin would have jumped over Baron Davis like this.

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And a Michael Jackson Impersonator….


What  More Could You Possibly Ask For?

Yeah, i’m not sure what’s going on here.

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