The Houston Rockets Cheerleaders Have A Naughty Way of Distracting Players At The Free Throw Line

Players in this post:
Alonzo Gee James Harden

Fat guys. Fat girls. Big head cut-outs. Silly signs.  None of these distractions will work on a good free throw shooter. How about an "A$$ Distraction" by a cheerleader - sorry Power Dancer?  It didn't work on Alonzo Gee, who calmly sank both free throws against the Rockets, but I can see it working on some people. 

Did you notice there's a guy waving his arms and two fat ladies in the background also shaking their butts. If you said no then I guess the distraction dress worked on you. 

One more look...

And here's more of Carly and the Rockets Power Dancers.