The Incredible Hulk shows off his hops at Venice Beach

So we already know that Spiderman and Captain America have sick handles but did you know that The Incredible Hulk had some incredible hops?  Well, if you watched the recent Hulk movies then you know, for some stupid reason, that the Hulk can now jump the distance of a few miles!?!  I know I shouldn’t nitpick in a superhero movie and say one thing sounds unrealistic while others are but that’s just stupid. So I’m going to pretend the Hulk can’t hop across a city so I can rave about the Hulk throwing down a windmill and some power dunk at Venice Beach.

The Bruce Banner playing the Hulk in this Dunkademics vid is Nathaniel Mills.  You might remember Mills as the military guy who impressed Carmelo Anthony last year when he threw down a windmill while wearing his uniform.

If you have only seen Mills dunking with heavy gear and costumes on then you will probably be surprised to see how incredible his hops really are when he’s wearing basketball gear.

So to recap. Ballup’s The Professor and Bone Collector did a great job with Spidey and Captain America and Mills did a great job with the Hulk but I really hope nobody tries to do a dunk session while wearing a Thor costume and I’m not so sure an Iron Man basketball video would work either.  With that said, and I apologize in advance, I can’t talk about Iron Man and superheros without showing this clip.

Seriously….Superman….with Staples? I’m just playing, I can’t wait to see it!


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