The Internet Hilariously Reacts To CP3 Leading Rockets Through “Secret Tunnel” To Confront Clippers

Let me get what we believe are the facts out of the way so we can enjoy the comedy provided by the Inside The NBA crew and the undefeated internet.

On Monday (Martin Luther King Day), Chris Paul returned to Staples Center to play against his former Clippers’ teammates. He ended up leading his Rockets teammates to a loss and then THROUGH A “SECRET TUNNEL” to the Clippers locker room after the loss! Yes, you read that correctly. The President of the Player’s Union, led Trevor Ariza, Gerald Green and an injured James Harden through a back corridor into the Clippers locker room, while Clint Capella (Update: turned out to be Tarik Black, not Capella) was “used as a diversion” through the main entrance.

Are you laughing yet?

The in-game events that led up to this moment included the following: Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni and Blake Griffin getting techs for cursing at each other; Griffin and Trevor Ariza getting ejected for exchanging words after Griffin threw the ball off of Eric Gordon’s back; a sidelined Austin Rivers talking trash to Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza, while wearing a boot on his leg.

If you aren’t laughing yet, here’s Shaq and Charles Barkley cracking up after hearing the lovely Rosalyn Gold-Onwude report that the LAPD was called to make sure “nothing else develops or escalates” between the two teams.

“Hello Police, Chris Paul tried to beat me up,” joked a hysterical Shaq.

Barkley responded with, “This is Blake Griffin, Chris Paul tried to get in the locker room. Get down here. Save me.”

If you aren’t crying yet, you will when you see some of these memes and reactions from the Internet and a couple of the Clippers players.