The Internet Reacts To Cavs Signing LeBron’s Former Teammate Toney Douglas

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Is this a coincidence? About an hour after the Cavs announced they signed point guard Toney Douglas, still unsigned JR Smith tweeted, “…”

Most on Twitter are assuming this subtweet by Smith is a reaction to the signing of LeBron’s former teammate in Miami and most also don’t seem too happy about the signing since they haven’t inked Smith yet.

Before we get into some of those internet reactions, here’s a couple of bullets on where the Cavs and Smith are in negotiations.

Via Forbes

  • Cavs are $22 million over their cap space
  • Cavs offered a 3-year deal with a partial guarantee in the 4th year, bringing the total guaranteed  contract to $42 million
  • In July, Smith did not pick up his $5.3 million player option for 16/17
  • Smith is rumored to be asking for $15 million a year