The Internet Reacts To Kobe Bryant & Little Mamba’s ESPN/ABC Debut #MuseCage

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Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and his sock puppet co-star Little Mamba made their ESPN/ABC debuts on Sunday to talk about “musecages” from a world called Canvas City.  I’m not making this up. Here’s the ESPN press release explaining the concept behind the segment.

“Canvas City: Musecage helps others better their best by delivering complex basketball insights in a light-hearted, easy-to-digest way. The show helps others understand the game at a higher level and offers a new voice to sports storytelling that will hopefully captivate the whole family.”

And according to Bryant, a “musecage” is a room decorated with any and everything that inspires you. If it makes you feel good then it’s a light musing; if it makes you feel bad then it’s a dark one.

As expected, the internet had some fun roasting the Sesame Street-like world, Kobe’s not-so-great acting skills, which hasn’t gotten much better since his teenage acting days (Hang Time, Moesha, All That)  in the mid 90s, and the talking sperm. Not expected, Kobe tweeted back and thanked a bunch of parents who enjoyed the Canvas City videos with their children.