The Kicks Inside the PHX Suns Locker Room

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PJ Tucker Steve Nash

Think being an equipment manager is easy?  Think again.  Considering the fact that you’ve got to be responsible for every single players gear, such as jerseys, kicks, practice gear and so on and so forth.  Especially if you’ve got to work with the reigning Kicks On Court champ PJ Tucker, who has kicks just flooding out of his locker.  Nice Kicks gives us an inside look at the day to day hustle of the Phoenix Suns’ equipment manager Jay Gaspar.  Jay has been with the team for nearly 30 years.  Working with the likes of Sir Charles to Steve Nash.  Gaspar also gives insight on who his favorite Suns players are of all time.  Being apart of an organization for nearly 30 years, Gaspar has plenty of stories to tell about his days as the equipment manager with the Suns.

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