The Lakers’ Commentators Got More Excited About Gordon Hayward Dunking on Julius Randle Than The Jazz Ones

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Midway through the exciting 4th quarter of the Lakers and Jazz game, Gordon “should be an All-Star and hair model” Hayward threw down an impressive dunk on Julius Randle. The Utah bench jumped up and the TV commentators released a “That’s what I’m talking about right there” and “Ooooooh Hayward.” Then on the replay one of them complimented the anti-Billy Hoyle and said “That  is niiiiice!”

What makes these comments so interesting is it came from Lakers commentators Bill MacDonald and the great Stu Lantz. And their entertaining and unbiased reaction was more flattering than the Utah guys.

So let’s listen the Lakers guys call the final fun three minutes of the Lakers loss to the Jazz.

Or check out Hayward rack up 31 points and 9 rebounds without messing up his hair.