The Lipek Takeover continues: Lipinski wins Midnight Madness Dunk Contest in UK

No dunker made more noise this summer than Rafal ‘Lipek’ Lipinski. He took the guy standing on a chair dunk to new levels at Quai54 in Paris, he was outstanding in the awesome Sprite Street Ghetto Games contest in Lativa, he won the Reality Check dunk contest in Germany and the City Slam event at Venice Beach in Cali and now he can add Midnight Madness Dunk Contest to his trophy case.

The Midnight Madness Dunk Contest is and has always been one of the best dunk contests in the world and this past weekend was no exception.  Lipek won the event against an impressive internationally known line-up of JusFly, Smoove, What’s Gravity?, Kristaps Dargais and Joel Henry.

Source: HoopsFix

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