The Man In The Mirror Moves Past Ray Allen in Points & Fakes Out Avery Bradley With a Sick Behind the Back Move

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Avery Bradley Ray Allen

After a forgettable performance against the Rockets and one laughably memorable instagram post by James, the man in the mirror redeemed himself by putting up an easy 27 points in 26 minutes against the Celtics. He also moved into the 21st place on the NBA career points list and past former Celtic and teammate Ray Allen on the list.

“He’s one of my best friends,” James said. “He’s a guy I competed against and grew up watching, and to be able to team with him the last two years when I was with Miami, I learned so much from him. To know I passed him, it’s very humbling.”

The 2 most exciting points by James came in the 2nd quarter when he faked out Avery Bradley with a sick behind the back move before giving the Cavs a 25 point lead in the first half.