“The Most Gratifying Thing Is Putting These Guys Back In The Arena.” – Ice Cube On The BIG3

The BIG3, a professional 3-on-3 basketball league started by co-founders Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz, is entering it’s third season and co-founder Ice Cube came on our show Positionless to discuss the league’s expansion, success and his growth throughout the process.

The league tips off on June 22nd in Detroit, Michigan with it airing on CBS Sports all season long. As the league has grown in popularity year-over-year, Ice Cube recaps what the last few seasons has been like and what it’s turned into.

“No (I couldn’t imagine it) happening this quick,” Cube said on the show in regards to how the league has grown from season one to now. “When you think of something like this, you already know people expect you to fail. People laugh at you, ridicule you for what you’re trying to do, talk about the players that are past their so-called “NBA primes”.”

Cube also discussed what the vision for the BIG3 is long term, how he feels about his son following a similar career path as him and the story of his run-in with priority records which led to him “tearing up” their office with an aluminum bat.

Here’s the link to the full Ice Cube interview on Positionless.


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