The NBA Didn’t Want You To See Kyrie Irving Leaving Steph Curry Hanging

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Steph Curry Kyrie Irving

After an impressive duel that saw Steph Curry put up a ridiculous 49 points (16-24 FG, 8-13 3PT) in a win against Kyrie Irving (37 points: 13-18 FG, 5-6 3PT) and the Celtics, the two point GODS met at half court, shared a smile, a hug and almost a final hand shake.

The amusing “Kyrie left him hanging” moment was celebrated on social media but not on the NBA’s social media. Here’s the NBA’s tweet of the encounter.

[twit id=”957464383680004096″]

Here’s how the rest of the internet saw it. Or should I say the rest of the internet with a sense of humor since so many people on social media are more sensitive than an All-Star who doesn’t want to be drafted on Live TV.