The NBA Just Released The Most Insane Tracy McGrady Career Mixtape

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Tracy McGrady

In honor of Tracy McGrady being an inductee in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, the NBA just dropped a five-minute mixtape called "Tracy McGrady's INSANE Career Mixtape" and it's pretty insane.

Most of you have probably seen his best dunks from his Houston Rockets days but not from his time in the Magic Kingdom, where he became a league leader in scoring and turned into the All-NBA player many of his critics in Toronto didn't think he could become. It was in Toronto where he had a head coach say he would probably be out of the league in a few years and it was in TO where he put up decent numbers and ESPN at 11 worthy highlights only to be overshadowed by his higher-flying cousin, Vince Carter.

T-Mac's history of exceeding expectations and making a name for himself goes back to 1996 when an unknown McGrady attended the Adidas ABCD camp. He was given the jersey number 175 because he was the last player to be invited. 21 years later, he's getting the last laugh with an invitation to the Hall of Fame.