The NBA Mic’d up Chris Bosh against the Clippers for ItsReal85 material

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Chris Bosh

So why would the NBA mic up Chris Bosh against the LA Clippers? For ItsReal85 source material of course?

If you aren’t familiar with the funniest bad lip syncing YouTube video maker (who we can proudly say we were promoting since the beginning), ItsReal85 creates hilarious, NSFW videos featuring NBA players and often targets Chris Bosh. What’s funny is I’m used to hearing ItsReal85’s Chris Bosh voice more than Bosh’s real voice so the Mic’d up video actually felt dubbed to me because I was expecting to hear the ItsReal one.

Anyways, Bosh had a nice game with 28 points against the Clippers on Thursday and is having a great individual season so far.
Here’s his highlights from last night followed by some ItsReal85 stuff featuring Bosh – who is a great sport about this kind of stuff.