The NBA's Most Underrated Player?

Here's the latest video from my favorite YouTube NBA channel Mike Korzemba. This one is about the league's most underrated player and I couldn't agree with him more on his selection and the honorable mentions: Kevin Love, Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic.

If you don't want to know who the player is, stop reading and scrolling down.


Serious question: If Gordon Hayward was a black guy in New York instead of a white guy in Utah, would he be popular? The 27-year old from Indiana doesn’t get much love outside of Utah, fantasy leagues and certain men who wish their hair could look like that after dropping 30, dunking on a 7-footer or blocking LeBron James, but deserves it as much as any other NBA All-Star.  And as Korzemba mentioned, Hayward is the type of player who could turn a good team into a great championship contending one.

Speaking of turning, take a look at how he looked as a rookie compared to this All-Star season.