The New "Big 3" Dwight Howard, Deron Williams & Joe Johnson?


Nothing like waking up, drinking some coffee and hearing about a new "Big 3" for ESPN to get excited about.  The rumorville is running crazy this morning with talks of the Nets getting Dwight for Brook Lopez, Kim K's ex, MarShon Brooks and 1st round picks in 2013, 2015 and 2017 (really! that far ahead).

If this is even a possibility, I don't see how the Magic could turn this trade down and the Nets better be real happy with JJ and Dwight because they are absolutely screwed if their new Big 3 doesn't pan out but my Spidey senses (hey, the new Spider Man comes out today so I'm in the nerd mode) says the lineup of DWill, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace & Green and Dwight in the center will not only work out but eventually compete with the Heat for a championship.

Enjoy your teammates Deron! #NoDaysOff

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