The Noble & Roosh Show: Cayleigh Griffin, Finals, Craziest Stats

Noble & Roosh recap the finals and give their thoughts on the season as a whole, the nuances of discussing varying difficulty in title runs over the years, and the ceiling of the Bucks going forward.

They are then joined by Cayleigh Griffin (@ATTSportsNetSW @HoustonRockets) to discuss:

  • Getting used to Houston and adapting to a new city right when Covid hit
  • Differences in working for different organizations (Cleveland, San Antonio, & Houston)
  • The future of the Houston Rockets broadcast team
  • Thoughts on the upcoming NBA draft
  • What it’s like to learn how to cover a sport on the fly (⚾️)
  • Plus some questions from listeners!

Then, Noble & Roosh pick back up to go over the top 20 craziest stats from the season (source: StatMuse).

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