The Process Episode 1: ASU’s Sam Cunliffe

Sam I Am? Sorry, Sam Cassell will always own that nickname in the basketball world, but it’s only a matter of time until 2016 Ballislife All-American Sam Cunliffe makes a name for himself in the basketball world.  The future Arizona State star is already a star in Seattle after leading Rainer Beach to a 3A State Championship and winning Player of the Year. And after seeing his game develop over the past year and the type of work he’s willing to put in during the off-season, he just might earn that nickname “Sam I Am.”

Check out the first episode of #The Process by AW Productions to learn more about Sam and his commitment to becoming an elite player at the next level

Arizona State Coach Bobby Hurley: “He’s physically ready. His body is ready and he has a good skill level. I’m very, very enthusiastic about coaching him.”