The Rematch: Lonzo Ball & De’Aaron Fox’s First NBA Duel

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On Wednesday, we finally got the rematch between rookies Lonzo Ball and De’Aaron Fox. The rematch we have been waiting for since Fox dropped 39 points on Ball and his UCLA crew in the Sweet 16 earlier in the year.

In between that game and Wednesday’s game, which saw Ball get a double-double (11/11/7) in a loss to Fox (13/3/4) and the Kings, we had some great soundbytes from the fathers of the players, including this one from Fox’s Dad: “My son already ate his ass up twice. (LaVar) can say what he wants to say. I just tell him to go back and watch the film. That’s it. All that yap, yap, yapping, I don’t even got to respond to that. We played them twice. Twice his son got outplayed. I always tell (De’Aaron), let your game speak for it. You ain’t got to talk. You ain’t got to fuss.”

After Ball missed a chance to go against Fox in a Summer League game, here’s what LaVar had to say to the people accusing his son of ducking Fox: “Duck De’Aaron Fox? Have you heard about De’Aaron Fox? Hell nah. You can’t hear about him unless he puts my boy’s name in his mouth. He been doing all this stuff and ain’t nobody been talking about him. So he and his dad gotta link themselves to us to be relevant.”

As expected, the postgame comments from the 19-year old rookies were a lot friendlier than these past comments from the Dads.

“It was a lot of fun playing against him. It’s always fun,” Said Ball, who shot 50% (4-8 FG) for the second time this season, made 3-of-5 threes and had the highlight of the night when he posterized Willie Cauley-Stein on an alley-oop.  “The crowd loves it and all the fans and stuff, so it’s good for basketball. He played great tonight.”

Fox finished with 13 points (5-11 FG, 2-2 3PT), 4 boards, 3 assists and a steal in just 23 minutes of action.

“It was more sweet for the city just beating the Lakers,” Fox said after the game and going up 2-1 against Ball. “I know about the rivalry. We came out knowing that this is a game we had to get.”

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