The Starters: Top 10 Most Underrated Dunks in Dunk Contest History

The Starters, tired of hearing the same Best dunk contest stories about MJ and Vince, came up with a list of 10 of the most underrated dunks in dunk contest history.   Here’s their list with some additional commentary by me.

  1. McGee with 2 balls
    It’s probably safe to say this dunk will never be done again unless another 7 footer like him or Larry Nance enters. 
  2. Gerald Green socks dunk
    This is one of the dunks that left such a sour taste in Green’s mouth.  The problem is most people didn’t understand how difficult it was so he didn’t get a high score or much of a response from the crowd.
  3. Darvin Ham’s 360
    This was one of Ham’s dunks that wasn’t good enough to advance him past the first round.  He was robbed by the judges and would have probably of beat Kobe if they allowed him to move forward.
  4. Jason Richardson 360
    Pretty but pretty standard from the man that was the first to try a 360 between the legs in a NBA dunk contest. He has a few other dunks that I would select over this 360.
  5. JR Smith and Iggy behind the back
    You can probably expect John Wall to do this dunk in the contest.  It was made popular by youtube sensation Troy McCray
  6. Larry Johnson ‘s 360
    LJ was the best dunker that night but came unprepared and ran out of ideas by the finals which was won by Cedric Ceballos.
  7. DeRozan with the “scoop”
    They called it the Showstopper but it’s called “the scoop” and was shown to DeMar by dunk phenom Werm who created the dunk.
  8. Dwight with the “transfer”
    Very underrated dunk that has now become known as the transfer by dunkers Jus Fly and Sir Issac
  9. Iggy from behind the backboard
    Great dunk that involves a great pass and great timing to avoid a head injury.
  10. Rex Chapman behind the back reverse
    Great dunk that was done with more flair by Shawn Kemp later on

As for underrated, basically every dunk by Steve Francis and T-Mac in the 2000 dunk contest belong.

I know Nash had the harder part in this dunk but I’m going to include Nash’s soccer pass to Amare.

As for recent contests, I would probably have to pick Ibaka’s foul line dunk.  Serge actually jumped from behind the line while most guys jumped from the line.

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