The Top 5 360 Scoop dunks + the history of the popular new dunk

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DeMar DeRozan Kwe Parker

6’2 high schooler Kwe Parker was making some noise yesterday as videos of him doing a 360 scoop dunk was being shared across social networks.  A lot of people were posting and commenting that they have never seen the dunk done before so I thought I would share some history on the dunk and show the best ones that have been done.

The first person I ever saw do the dunk was 6’2 Brandon “Werm” Lacue – who also happens to be the inventor of the scoop dunk that DeMar DeRozan did (and was robbed by the judges) in the NBA dunk contest. Here’s a video of him in the 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown contest in Charlotte.  The dunk is at the 20 second mark and yeah that’s me on the ground witnessing and recording the dunk for the first time.

Werm has pulled off the dunk a few times since including this variation where he does it by grabbing the ball out of a person’s hand.

After over a year of not seeing anybody else pull this dunk off, we came across Charlie Shorter who did the dunk but off 2 feet! We posted a video of it called “Unknown Hooper Does the Craziest Dunk You’ll See All Summer.”

It might remain the craziest dunk we will see all Summer but it’s debatable who did it better this Summer after watching guard Kwe’Shaun Parker do it, also off 2 feet, this past weekend.

You can bet that a NBA player will try this dunk in the NBA dunk contest…exhibition…or whatever the hell the NBA wants to call the All-Star “event” next year.


Here’s one more example with Werm. You gotta love the reaction of the guys behind the backboard…and of course Rachel DeMita.

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