The Ultimate Guide for NBA Signature Moves Pt. 1

Basketball is one of the only sports where a single player can take over a game and assert dominance over the other team. Sure basketball was designed to be a team sport, but you also weren't allowed to dribble when the game was first created.  But with players being able to take their individual game to the next level the all time greats go-to moves then became known as "signature" moves. Which players then try to put their own spin on it or emulate it since they were so effective in the past. Let us take a look at a few signature moves throughout the history of the NBA in no particular order.

First lets take a look at one of the greatest NBA post men to ever play, Kevin McHale. Kevin stood 6"10 in his playing days and had ridiculously long arms which definitely helped out his post game. Sure McHale was known to be bit of a black hole when it came to possession of the ball, but his moves in the post where about one thing, patience. Take a look at his post move clinic highlight video with McHale's patented up and under.

Next move on the list is the Killer Crossover, the UTEP 2-Step by none other than the crossover godfather, Tim Hardaway.  Sleight of hand and a change in direction, that's all it took. Tim Hardaway just wanted to reach the rim for a layup without traveling in a straight line, and figured the best way was to go left, then right. Or right, then left. "My whole purpose was to confuse the defenders" said Hardaway, and it worked.

This is the first signature move on the list from this generation is the Tony Parker spin-cycle. We could've easily went with his devastating floater, but his spin move is way too effective to leave off. Tony first starts has move with a simple cross dribble to get his defender leaning towards the side he wants to spin away from, spins, takes a huge gather step and he's right there for an easy dish or a layup.

The last move on the on the list for this week is one of the most beautiful moves in basketball,  George Gervin's finger roll. Gervin was a smooth operator on the court with a dangerous mid range game and super lanky (think KD's body). The finger roll is probably not the most effective for most players, but it was sure effective for the Iceman. Take a look at beautiful montage.

Honorable Mention: Clyde "the Glide" Drexler had a MEAN fingeroll too

We'll be back next week with the Smitty half-spin, Connie Hawkins palming and  MUCH more signature moves, so stay tuned!