The Warriors & Internet Roasted James Haren & His Defense In GM3

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James Harden Shaun Livingston

I went through James Harden's entire MVP-worthy season without cracking any jokes about his defense. But after watching the Warriors intentionally go at and roast Harden in Game 3, I had to drop the D for a tweet.

The play I posted was the above video of Shaun Livingston crossing Harden, blowing by him and throwing down a dunk to give the Warriors a 25-point lead in the 4th quarter. As expected, a few other people posted some hilarious tweets about the play.

Replies to the above tweet:

"Is that Blind Al from Deadpool in the background?"
"Anyone else hear the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme in their head at this pic?"
"Why he look like Woody trying to be a toy when Andy walks in?"
"Livingston crossed up Harden so bad he crossed his eyes too."

My favorite tweet came from (Marvin Lee), who said, "Your MVP just got crossed up by a man with no knees."

If you don't get the Livingston knee joke, then go to YouTube, search "Shaun Livingston knee injury" and be prepared to cover your eyes or faint from the sight of the horrific injury.

So, how horrific was Harden's defense on Sunday? This tweet by ESPN's Chris Haynes answers that question.

You can enjoy the highlights of Curry and KD scoring on Harden below. If you don't have time to watch the full videos, just go to the two-minute mark of the Curry one.