The World's Greatest Sneaker Reviewer is Back & This Time With a Shoe Horn | Air Jordan Retro 1 Laser

Brad Hall  came in and made all of our lives better late last month when he (or Nike or a Sneaker news site like KickGenius) released the greatest Sneaker Review/Unboxing video of all-time.

Brad is back to once again bring joy to our lives with another classic unboxing video - this time for the Air Jordan 1 Retro Laser.

"The leather on these is very soft. It feels like a pair of my wife's lamb skin gloves."

"The gold Michael Air Jordan dunk on the front really pops against a dark matte black finish"

I'm not sure how many more of these videos he (or the creative minds behind it) can put out, but the first was a classic and this follow-up deserves major props just for showing Brad use a shoe horn to put on some Jordans.