This might be the best dunk contest ever! Piter Street Games Contest

The Piter Street Games Dunk Contest didn't have a choir, car or a cupcake and International dunk phenoms Smoove, Sha, Kristaps and Duke aren't as known as Jordan and Nique in 88 or Vince and Francis or McGrady in 2000 but this outdoor dunk contest contained more jump-out-of-your-seat dunks than probably any dunk contest I have ever seen.  I'll admit I was more impressed than excited because I have seen most of these dunks done in the past and it did lack the excitement of All-Star weekend but I have to admit that I can't recall ever seeing so many great dunks done in 1 event.

I'm not even going to bother listing all the dunks in this vid but if you play scrabble with the following words, I'm sure the word you create will be represented in this video:  windmill, between the legs, over a person, behind the back, 360.


More footage from the pretty insane Sprite BET Awards dunk contest from this past weekend will be posted soon.

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