This Young Jamaican Basketball Trainer Might Be The Best Motivator in the World

Forget those Alan Stein Stronger Team videos. Forget LeBron James' Striving For Greatness video with it's fancy Facebook 360 technology. If you want abs and muscle and to improve your ball handling and confidence, all you need are these vertically filmed phone videos of this Jamaican bad boy named Demi. The little mon (I can make fun of them because my wife and kids are part Jamaican) has a great YouTube channel full of videos of him screaming at his family and friends to do more push-ups as he flexes and encourages you to accomplish anyting you want.

If you aren't impressed enough with Demi, he's also the next Hannibal and Duke Tango (google them if you don't know who the legends are).

Speaking of motivational videos of Jamaicans, I can't leave this post without mentioning the hardest working West-Indian family ever.  They would love Demi.