Thomas Robinson’s block on Corey Brewer’s dunk attempt leads to an oop dunk for Will Barton

What’s worse than appearing on Shaqtin a Fool for blowing a wide open dunk like Corey Brewer did a week ago?  How about having your dunk attempt rejected the way Thomas Robinson blocked Brewer’s dunk attempt last night.  Bill Russell and Alonzo Mourning, who always preached keeping the ball inbounds on blocks, would be proud as the monster block turned into a spectacular alley-oop to Will Barton.

Atleast Corey, a member of the RelativityAvengerables, will always have this dunk on Derek Fisher.

Speaking of great blocks.  This LaPhonso Ellis block on Michael Williams is still my all-time favorite.  The cherry on top is Deke pointing and talking trash to Williams after the block.


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