Three Things You Didn’t Notice About Kyrie Irving’s Crossover On Robin Lopez

During the live view of this play, we saw Kyrie Irving cross Robin Lopez and then score on a layup. On the slo-mo replay, you  might notice a couple of other things.

#1: Irving got so low on this crossover, I thought he was going to break his own ankles while doing a JCVD split.
#2: He might have got away with a travel after the crossover. Did you count three steps or are you calling the first one a gather?
#3: The play was so nasty, Bobby Portis didn’t even want to watch it.

Despite a game-high 34 points from Irving, the LeBron-less Cavs lost by 18 to Lopez and the Bulls.

One last thing, I understand why the Bulls center wasn’t able to guard the most unguardable point guard in the league, but how does a center play 21 minutes and only get one rebound? That one rebound was eight less than what Irving ended up with and Dwyane Wade would have had 10 if it wasn’t for Felicio stealing the board he needed for a triple-double.